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From Source to Cup (Part 3)

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From Source to Cup (Part 3)

Shiv Martin

In the final part of our blog from Source to Cup we will talk you through our roasting process.  The roasting process is a demonstration of science combined with art to produce delicious coffees each with their own distinct flavour profile.



The imported coffee is stored in a cool warehouse, once we have selected the coffees we wish to use we sample them.  


In order to test the green beans we take a small sample of green coffee from each of the bags. We then roast the beans in one of our mini roasters.  Once roasted we grind the coffee beans and prepare a coffee to taste.  Once quality control has been achieved the coffee is then ready to be roasted.   



First it is passed into a vacuum where wood, stones and any other stray objects that might have found their way into to the bags are removed.  The vacuum lifts the coffee beans and separates any undesirable materials. Once in the siphon they are then held and chilled until the roasting process starts.

After this the beans are then put into the correct roaster depending on the type of coffee, organic coffee has a roaster of its own.  Once roasted they are then passed through another vacuum to double check that no debris is among the beans.

Before being bagged every batch of coffee must have the colour graded to ensure that the correct roast has been achieved. For every roasted batch a small section is taken and ground.  It is then put under the light meter which will determine whether it meets the desired roast profile for our various coffees.  After this it is ready to either to be ground or bagged.  The bagging is always done on the same day as the roasting to ensure freshness.


All of our coffee is siphoned when cooled into our own (one way valve) bags. We add Nitrogen into each of out retail bags, this process keeps the oxygen levels to 3%, ensuring that the coffee beans stay fresh for longer.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about the roasting process of our various speciality coffee's.  The final stage to get your perfect cup of coffee is the brewing.  Tune in next time to hear all about Turkish coffee brewing and how you can enjoy it from your own home.

All the best,

The Romo Team!