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Speciality Coffee

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Find out what is happening in the world of coffee and follow Romo Coffee's blog. Articles include  how to make a great espresso, how a coffee bean is harvested and processed and how to spot good coffee shops.

Speciality Coffee

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The farmer selects the perfect altitude and climate.  At the peak of ripeness the beans are then picked focusing on quality and not quantity.  Often the farms are owned and operated within families for several generations, passing on skills and harvesting techniques.

Bean selection

We ensure that the green coffee is graded and checked for any defects within the samples provided. The coffee is then cupped by a certified coffee grader and given a mark out of 100, any coffee given 80 or above falls into the category of speciality. 

Green Coffee Beans

We at RoMo will take the best selection of speciality coffee available.  We roast, taste and repeat until we are happy to pass it on to you. 

Our Barista team spend time testing each coffee to highlight its subtlety and flavor profiles. We then provide up to date information on the best extraction methods, dosage and brewing techniques to get the most out of your selected coffee.

Coffee testing

At RoMo, we know how much dedication and passion has gone into every bag of Single Origin Coffee that we supply. This continued attention to detail throughout the coffee chain is what produces Speciality Coffee.  We hope by sharing this information you will enjoy your daily coffee experience a little bit more!

Single Origin Coffee