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Home brewing coffee guide.  How to make a perfect espresso.  Guidlelines to timing, equipment needed and dosage.  

RoMo Espresso

Espresso Machine

You will need

An espresso machine, 18 grams of coffee, grinder, cup, 

  1.  Set your dose to 18 - 19 grams, if you don't have scales a simple way to achieve this is to overfill the basket on your porter-filter tap down on a hard surface to remove any air pockets and smooth a finger over the top of the porter-filter.
  2. Use a tamper to create a perfectly level, smooth compacted coffee puck in the basket. You do not need to apply huge pressure with your tamper just make sure that the coffee has been compressed.
  3. To get the most flavour from our espresso there should be a 3-5 second delay before the shot starts to pour.
  4. The shot should pour as if defying gravity, it will look like a dark shoelace. When it starts to lighten in colour the extraction is complete.
  5.  Look at the espresso, it should have 2 or 3 shades of brown within the crema (often referred to as tiger stripes).
  6.  If mixing the espresso with a milk based drink it is important to mix the two as soon as they are ready. This will ensure that the coffee oils do not sit on top of the espresso instead they emulsify with the milk and reduce any bitterness in the first few sips of the drink. 
  7. The shot should take between 20-25 seconds to extract  2oz of beautiful espresso.