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How to brew coffee at home

If you are looking to buy home equipment make sure you consider these factors.  A guide to brewing coffee at home and the basic things to think about before you start home brewing coffee.  Water use, grinding and dosage guidelines. 



  1. If you are looking to purchase equipment for your home or office make sure that you invest in a good quality grinder. 
  2. Always buy a grinder with burs not blades (the blades will smash the coffee grounds into varying different sizes). Burs will ensure that each grind should be identical. Try to buy a micro adjustable grinder as a step grinder will not offer the same control of grind size. 
  3. Once you have set up your grinder remember that as the temperature and humidity changes outside you will need to make small adjustments. If the outside temperature increases you will need to make your grind finer to compensate.


  1. If you don't have scales and don't want to invest in them you can always use a measuring spoon.


Water is your main ingredient no matter what brewing method you are using so make sure you use filtered water to get best results.  In general you should never pour boiling water onto the coffee as this will burn the coffee.  It is best to boil the kettle and then warm your equipment leaving the water to sit for 45 seconds to cool.  Never boil the kettle twice as you will lose the oxygen, which is required to brew the coffee!


Depending on your brewing method you will need a different dose. We always recommend that you use our guides as a starting point and make adjustments to the dose until its perfect for you.  

Brew Guides